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Hustings Becomes Heated


Welcome to the first edition of LSA’s school online newspaper Verus Vox.


Students at LSA have been working hard over the last year developing more opportunities for ALL our pupils to have their voices heard. From the Student Council, our new Eco Council and Equalities Team, Sports Leaders, over 90 Prefects and our STEM Committee through to our half termly “Full Sessions” of the Youth Council (involving over 150 to 200 pupils each time), LSA Students are driving change forward and have been responsible for important changes in our behaviour system, mental health provision and eco strategy.

The LSA News Team wanted the newspaper to be another opportunity for pupils to express themselves and so Verus Vox was born. We chose the title Verus Vox as it is Latin for ‘True Voice’. The views expressed in Verus Vox are true students' views and not necessarily the same as the rest of the school. 

In this our first edition, we feature articles on The General Election and LSA Hustings where pupils put the Fylde candidates through their paces with a challenging question time session. We also feature articles on sleeper cars, Lytham Hall, the race to Mars and a review of A Clockwork Orange. Keen amateur photographer Year 7 Connor Kitchen has inspired us to launch a new photography competition. See Arts & Culture Section for details.


You will find something to entertain, to educate, to get you thinking or even to get you baking.


If you would like to contribute an article about something you're really interested in, start your own regular column or join the team to help with technical support then just come along to K10 every Monday at 3.15.

Scroll down to see the sections of the online paper or click on "All news" for a full overview of this edition's contents.

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