Welcome to LSA’s online newspaper Verus Vox.

This edition features articles on relevant current events like the Australian wildfires (which may have slipped from the UK's national headlines but which is still very much a current environmental crisis) and Trumps Impeachment (Discover exactly what an impeachment is and what happened!). Our roving reporters have been grilling the Head of Communications at the Blackpool Victoria hospital to find out exactly what it’s like working for the NHS. As well as this our young journalists have been writing articles on bizarre animals, how to start your career in modelling, the truth behind genetically engineered crops and so much more.

​If you have a topic that you’re interested in feel free to join us and write your own column or article. We’re still looking for more sports writers however anyone with a passion and drive to write is more than welcome to join our team. We meet on Mondays at 3:10 in W13!


Please remember that the LSA News Team wanted the newspaper to be another opportunity for pupils to express themselves and so Verus Vox was born. We chose the title Verus Vox as it is Latin for ‘True Voice’. The views expressed in Verus Vox are true students' views and not necessarily the same as the rest of the school.


Scroll down to see the sections of the online paper or click on "All news" for a full overview of this edition's contents.

The Verus Vox team hope you enjoy our new edition.

Kyla Murray


Arts and Culture




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