Do You Need a Challenge? 🧾

Do you want a challenge? Well... if you do want a challenge, try to complete this checklist by the end of the week! Most of these cost nothing but time but what you get from it is what really matters... you make someone happy.

⬜ Compliment 10 people.

⬜ Play a game with a sibling or a friend

⬜ Enjoy an indoor picnic

⬜ Make someone feel included

⬜ Encourage someone to do good

⬜ Support someone else's football team.

⬜ Paint/draw 5 things

⬜ Give someone constructive criticism.

⬜ Take a nice picture of someone.

⬜ Smile at 7 people.

⬜ Help someone out.

⬜ Spend time with someone

⬜ Give a friend 5 reasons why they are your friend.

⬜ Raise and donate at least £5 to a charity of your choice.

⬜ Give someone a surprise.

⬜ Choose the right thing.

⬜ Invite a friend over.

⬜ Give someone something with no cost.

⬜ Leave a kind note to someone in a book.

⬜ Make someone laugh.

⬜ Spoil someone.

⬜ Leave a coupon (You don't want or need) next to the appropriate product in the supermarket.

⬜ Make someone happy.

⬜ Give things you don't want to poor people.

⬜Help a friend stuck with their homework.

⬜ Help with the shopping.

⬜ Give 5 people hugs.

⬜ Help cook dinner.

⬜ Do some volunteer work.

⬜ Buy/make a meaningful gift for someone.

Can you do them all?


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