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Dragon pilot review

Dragon pilot review

Dragon pilot is an anime on Netflix. I have watched it 2 times already and I only found it a week ago. It’s a program about 5 girls who want to be pilots. The planes are actually dragons who have metal armour. To control the dragons, the dragons swallow one of them and then you have to press a button on the helmet and you can see through the dragon. The main character is called Hisone Amakasu and the main dragon which is the yellow and blue dragon which is Hisone’s and is called Masotan. Hisone Amakasu is a rookie in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, where she is situated at the Gifu Air Base. She decided to join the force to distance herself from people as, her whole life, she had found it difficult to interact with others due to her candid style of speaking and oftentimes hurtful words, despite that not being her intention. Hisone's decision leads to her life being changed when the concealed "OTF" – Organic Transformed Flyer, or dragon so it is quite funny to watch.

I rate it 5/5.They all go on a bunch of adventures and the ending is the best. I am so excited for the second series to come out in 2020 or 2021 :3


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