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Welcome so this is a great quiz on which Friend you are most like: Phoebe, Joey, Monica, Ross, Chandler or Rachel. Lets get started!

Question 1) Would you rather?

A) Meditate at home

B) Watch TV

C) Clean

D) Watch a dinosaur movie

E) Go to Central Perk

F) Go shopping

Question 2) What would you ware?

A) Colourful dress

B) Stained top and baggy jeans

C) Red shirtsleeve top and a black skirt

D) Work clothes

E) Tweed vest and beige pants

F) Belly top and skinny jeans

Question 3) What would you watch at the movies?

A) Horror

B) Action

C) Not watch a movie

D) Documentary / Educational

E) Comedy

F) Rom-Com

Question 4) What would you eat?

A) Fruit

B) Pizza

C) Chocolate

D) Saltwater taffy

E) Chinese

F) Diet food

If you are:

Mostly A = Phoebe

Mostly B = Joey

Mostly C = Monica

Mostly D = Ross

Mostly E = Chandler

Mostly F = Rachel

Hope you had fun!

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