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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Fantasy Premier League is a website and app that allows you to create your own squad of players and compete - in leagues with friends, strangers, fans of the same club and even worldwide.

Every year there are millions of people who create their squads and compete. Playing for pride, prizes or in my case - looking like you know the most about footy in your group of mates.

The rules? Well, they're pretty simple. There is actually a whole host of extra complicated things to fully envelop yourself in all things FPL, located here:

This article however is not to go into the deep analysis of everything possible in FPL, the job of this article is to provide a tip of the iceberg look into what FPL is and how you can get involved.

Essentially, it all boils down to goals, assists and clean sheets; varying depending on the position of the player.


Each player receives 1 point for playing in a game. If they play for over 60 minutes, they get an additional 1 point.

A clean sheet is worth 4 points for goalkeepers and defenders, whilst you get 1 point for a clean sheet in midfield.

Assists are worth 3 points no matter what position the player is playing.

Finally, the most important thing in football - goals. If a defender scores a goal, they receive 6 points. A midfield will receive 5 points and a striker will get 4 points - obviously due to the likelihood of strikers scoring more goals.

You can also be deducted points, for things such as yellow cards, red cards and own goals. Believe me, I've had enough game weeks ruined due to things like this.

The final way to score points is via the 'bonus point system' - a way to reward players who have played well in the game but may not have tangible results for this. These are allocated as 3, 2 and 1 point respectively in each game.


In FPL, each week you pick a captain. You can change this for each game week but not once the deadline has arrived. Your captain scores you double points for their game - a real make or break decision for most FPL bosses. If they score multiple goals - jackpot. If they get a goal or an assist, fair play. If they totally blank and score you minimal points you really need something special to recover your game week. I have had weeks where my captain alone has scored more points than entire teams - I have also had weeks where my entire team has been beaten by someones captain. You also pick a vice-captain. They don't score you any extra points at all, but are there in case of emergency in case your choice for captain does not play at all, they will take the armband.

Selection of team

You pick 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 strikers. Of those, each week, you must select 1 goalkeeper, between 3 and 5 defenders, between 2 and 5 midfielders and between 1 and 3 strikers - totalling 11 players. If any of your players don't play, your excess players are on your bench and will come on to take their place. Be very wary of this, it's vital you pick the right side and have options to rotate when difficult games approach. Managers sometimes rest players and it's important to maximise your point potential by having viable options from the bench.

Budget and Transfers

At the beginning of an FPL season, you have a budget of £100m to spend on your squad. Each player obviously has their own value. You are allowed 1 free transfer every week, and any other transfer from that moment will cost you 4 points. If injury hits, or any major changes take place, this can be a gamble that is worth taking. There is no limit to how many transfers you can make each week, but each additional transfer will add up, so only make them if you need to!

Special Chips

In FPL, there are 4 special chips that you can play. The first of these, and potentially the most powerful, is the Triple Captain. This does as it says on the tin - your captain gives you 3 times as many points, instead of just double. The second chip is the Bench Boost - this chip allows the points that the players on your bench amass will also count in your game week. You also have a Wildcard which allows you to make as many changes as you would like, without having to take any point deductions. The final chip is the Free Hit, this chip is very similar to the wildcard, but this only lasts for one week. This is a great chip if you're really happy with your side but they have some difficult fixtures so would like to move them out, but then back in.


Moving forward at LSA, next year we intend on running an FPL league with students and teachers involved. If this is something you are interested in, let Mr Greenwood know!

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