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Fylde Candidates

Updated: Feb 24

These are all of the candidates for the Fylde election 2019 in alphabetical order.


Gina Dowding - Green Party

Member of the European parliament

Became a Lancashire Councillor in 2013

Green party member since 1986

Anti-fracking protester

"Yes to Europe, no to Boris."

She has lived in Lancashire for nearly 30 years and worked in the NHS for Blackpool.

Earlier this year she was elected as the first Green MEP for the

North West.

Andy Higgins - Independent

Ex Labour member

Opposed to Brexit in 2016

Football fan

54 years young, self-employed, running a local business.

Born in Glenroyd, educated locally in the state sector with degrees and PHD from Manchester and Lancaster Universities

Has two sons

Former teacher of Politics

Currently a musician playing in various underground bands and running a DIY punk label (Just Say No To Government Music Records) for over 25 years.

Mark George Jewell - Liberal Democrats

Has campaigned for peoples votes and a brighter future for Fylde.

Would revoke article 50, to remain in the EU.

Has constantly voted against fracking.

He wants to focus on renewable energy rather than more fossil fuels.

Works at BAE.

Lancashire county Councillor 2009-2013

Mark Andrew Menzies - Conservative Party

Current Fylde MP.

In office as a Conservative MP since 7 May 2010

Stood in Glasgow and York before succeeding in Fylde

Opposed to Brexit in 2016

Graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1994 with an honours degree in economic and social history, and retains a strong interest in economics

Has served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Charles Hendry MP, former Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Mark Prisk MP, former Minister of State for Housing, and Alan Duncan, Minister of State - International Development.

Martin Mitchell - Labour Party

Anti-fracking protester

Governor at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS trust

Lives in Blackpool

Councillor for Layton Ward in Blackpool

Governor at Layton Primary School

Cares about "people who are underpaid, people who have to wait to find out if there is a shift for them to work and people who have to go to food banks to be able to eat"

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