Is it game over for the Premier League?

Article written by Remi Corea, Taylor Cryer, Freddy Nicholl, Seb Porter and Oliver Kendrew.

As it stands, it looks like it may be over for the other Premier League teams as Liverpool have found their glory after waiting the long 30 years.

How is the table looking this year?

With Liverpool storming ahead with the title and both Manchester City and Leicester dropping points, it's all but certain to be heading to Liverpool this year. Aston Villa, Watford, Norwich and Bournemouth are all fighting it out to remain in the top tier of English football.

Why are Liverpool performing so well?

This year, Liverpool have a very strong team spirit and good communication that they use consistently within their games and Jürgen Klopp has brought the team a long way since taking over as manager in October 2015. He is persistent, methodical and values his club.

What has happened to Manchester City?

In my opinion, money has gone to their heads and many injuries have made them not as consistent as previous seasons. We believe their defence is weak – how can you have a strong defence with players who aren't even defenders?

Now let’s look at the lower end…

17th- West Ham – With the Hammers playing Leicester away mid week it shouldn’t look like they would be moving up the table, but as Burnley pulled back from 1-0 to a 2-1 win against the Foxes there could be a bit of hope for West Ham.

18th- Bournemouth- With the Cherries pulling a 3-1 win at home against Brighton, they would hope to carry it out again in future games but a team like Bournemouth are not used to being in the bottom three and would expect to end the season higher in the table.

19th – Watford - They are showing some form recently but ended up losing 2-1 to Aston Villa which leaves them still sitting at 19th. Watford would have been hoping for better results this season and need to prove they deserve their position in the top flight.

20th – Norwich - Even with Teemu Pukki having a great start to the season, he can’t save a fallen Norwich who are losing their form, game by game. Star man Pukki, with 12 goals this season, will need to bag a few more to save his team from playing Championship football last season.

Watch our stand out goals of the season so far

Jordan Ayew goal vs West Ham

Favourite Goals of the Season

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