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LSA Election Results

Updated: Feb 24

On Thursday 12th December the country voted to elect a new government. We now know that the result was an overwhelming Conservative majority with some areas voting in a Conservative MP for the first time. In Fylde Mark Menzies (Conservative) was re elected MP.

Here are a small list of some of the Uk's political parties:



-Liberal Democrats


-Brexit Party

-Plaid Cymru

-Scottish Nationalist Party

-Democratic Unionist Party

Notice theres no UKIP? That's because the party largely disbanded after Nigel Farage left and formed The Brexit Party. UKIP reformed and still stands in a few constituencies but is largely irrelevant and Farage has distanced himself from them. There is also the Monster Raving Loony Party (yes, really) but they lose their £500 deposit every time they stand and mainly produce satire policies based on Conservative policies.

Once you are 18 you can vote for candidates standing in your constituency (voting area). Our Fylde constituency candidates included:

Mark Menzies- Conservative, Martin Mitchell- Labour, Mark Jewell- Liberal Democrats, Tina Rothery- Green Party.

The results for LSA General Election 2019

Labour- 428

Green Party- 405

Conservative- 207

Liberal Democrats- 95

Independant- 27

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