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My Top Ten Favourite Pokemon

I'm now doing a top ten , here we go:

10 Genesect the reason why I like this pokemon is for having a unique type of bug and steel but it's number ten for me (not knowing too much about Genesect).

9 Ho-oh now Ho-oh is a good pokemon for it is shiny as ho-ohs wings turn into rainbows otherwise i would not have this pokemon on here

8 Xerneas being the first fairy type legendary, you have to give it some love and it's in Kalos come on guys!

7 Arceus now now even though it's the god of Pokemon its typing which is normal was a bit underwhelming but its stat total of being all 120 is really good

6 Litten the reason why l like it is because it is adorable. No joke i would keep a level 100 Litten in my alola team and then some legendaries

5 Metagross here is my first dream team Pokemon. It's at number five for how cool it is, it has four legs and is one of my favourite megas and a good shiny and it's amazing overall

4 Snorlax now this one is based off how good mine has been. is pokemon sword it was a bit of trouble to get because i aimed for one that can gigantamax. I eventually got one and it has been an amazing tank that also hits like no ones business! Thank Arcoos that i have one!

3 Pidgeot here we go.... the classic bird of the entire franchise personally I've never used one but I think it would be an ss rank if I ever use one let's pray game freak put pidgeot in the Galarian Games

2 Sirfechid this Pokemon is hands down my best team in pokemon sword with how much friendship it has, it's at the point where i can basically sweep anyone with just Sirfechid! Well now the final pokemon

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this pokemon is so cool, so powerful and again hands down the best design. It's mega which makes it the best Pokemon usable i would use a level 100 Rayquaza and beat a trainer that uses 3 ice types and 3 FAIRY types ( why fairy type is in capitals is because fairy is immune to dragon type moves, the shiny is just epic also something else is that the dragon type is my favourite type ever that i would be a dragon type gym leader any day! When i can get one in pokemon sword i will get rid of every team member exept my starter, my shiny Gyrados and Sirfechid as you can tell its number two in this top 10 if you want me to trade you one, you will have to beat me in a pokemon battle and trust me no one has took down at least two pokemon exept an ice type trainer who took down 3 pokemon.

So there you go my top 10 favourite pokemon i hope you like it, if you don't like any of these it's okay. If any of your top 10 faviourites aren't here it's because i either dont like it or it's given me tons of trouble (by the way i havent battled witneys miltank).

Thank you for reading this.


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