Need help revising? Use these helpful tips to improve your grades!

1. Figure Out What Type of Learner You Are

Every brain works differently, so therefore we all need to revise in different ways. There are some rough categories though, and learners can be split into seven broad categories. Many online tests let you know which type you are, and it’s a valuable starting point to crack on with your revision effectively, in a way that will actually stick in your brain.

2.Use Flashcards

Flashcards and the like are ageless revision techniques, and there’s a reason for that, it’s because they work. Use different colors for different subjects and leave them around the house too. Just think of how confused your parents will be when they read about an important historical event in the fridge!

3. Make PowerPoint Presentations

This technique uses your creative side a bit more, and it also means you’ll have to repeat the material whilst typing to keep it inside your head too, so win/win! See if you can make a better PowerPoint than your teachers do!

4. Tests your friends

Why don't you invite your friends round and have a revision style quiz? Who doesn’t love some friendly competition? Don’t get too big for your boots, and remember, we all make mistakes.

5. Make Some Memes

In our modern era, anything can become a meme. Literally. So, switch it up a bit and link them to your revision, the jokes will be memorable and come to your mind in exam situations.

6. Schedule Your Day, Starting Early

Certainly on study leave, all order goes out the window. Print off a simple grid and give yourself time slots to revise (and importantly, when to relax) as you would on a working day, to give your body and mind a routine.

7. Listen to calming music

Sitting in the complete quiet is a bit mind numbing, and not really creative. So why not put on some calming music (not loud or pop music though because that could distract you) and relax to the waves rolling or maybe the sounds of a rain forest.

8. Make a video

Another creative technique, debut your acting skills and put together a revision video to aid your imaginative side and form something to look back at. Who says writing is the only way to revise?

9. Give yourself a treat

Revising is draining, and you deserve some mini celebration when you’ve completed each mental task. This can be anything you want it to be, a quick bite to eat, a social media break or simply a lie down. Always reward yourself or you'll just get bored and not want to revise anymore or you will simply get distracted.

10. Wander outside to revise

Being inside for so long can be extremely depressing and demotivating, so if the sun is shining, take your revision with you and perch outside. Not only will you be learning, but you’ll get a dose of Vitamin D too.

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