NHS (interview crew)

The interview crew

By Magda and Clara

On the 27th of January, Magda and I headed down to the Blueskies office at Blackpool Victoria hospital. This is where we met Derik Quinan, Head of Communications at Blackpool teaching hospitals NHS who we interviewed to find out more about the NHS, these are the answers we got out of our visit.

How long have you been working here?-11 years.

  • How has the NHS changed since you have been working here?-There are new buildings, the women’s and children’s unit has been built, surgical unit has been built and a new car park has been made.

  • How many patients do you treat per year?-300 million patients a year.

  • Why did you want this job? - I was a manager in the police before this job; I wanted to carry on helping people.

  • Do you like working here?-Yes, but hard at times receiving and giving news, you often need to choose your words carefully.

  • What spreads the word best about the work of the NHS?- Social media, even just a wedding video we did got 25,000 views!

Credits to Derek Quinan for letting us interview him.

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