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Pokemon Sword - A review by a Pokemon fanatic

Updated: Feb 24

If i were to rate this game I would rate it ten out of ten! This game has an amazing main story, some fantastic new pokemon and it's just good overall. The best is the battle against eternatus; you fight it in normal form and gigantamax form fighting is in normal form, which is just like fighting a normal legendary pokemon. In gigantanax form is a whole new story, at first you can't damage it but with the sword and shield relics you summon the legendary pokemon zacian and zamazenta. Now you can damage it. With your Hop and the legendary dogs it's impossible to lose after beating it! If you can catch it, then you can try beating Leon the champion of the Galar Region. Other parts of the game that are good are the gym leader battles, rival battles and the post game. In the post game you go to every gym and battle a dynamaxed pokemon and then catch either zacian or zamazenta it depends on what game you have. Worth having a go!

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