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Pokenerd ranks each Pokemon game

Hi it's me again! today I'm ranking each pokemon game from worst to best so let's start.......

9 and 8. this one is actually a tie because it's the first two generations pokemon red blue gold and silver really it's just because the graphics are too horrible for my liking so yeah.

7. In 7th place we have Black and White plus the remakes there really isn't anywhere to go, you only go in an oval shape and still there isn't much added in black 2 and white 2 so thats why it's only number seven

6. Next is Diamond Pearl and Platinum really its because Dialga Palkia and Giratina were really underwhelming if you saw my top ten a dragon type was number 1 so yeah sorry for being mean about dragon pokemon but the starters aren't that good but what is good is the way of getting to Giratina, that's my 2nd faviroute way of getting to a legendary.

5. This is where the reviews get a bit more positive so the final Gen seven game, the graphics are okay, it's only here because of pidgeot and my team was amazing all legandarys a snorlax and the starter pikachu.

4 and 3. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. These games have by far the most Pokemon in the pokedex. I'm feeling around every pokemon made up to these games so it got 3 for these reasons as well 3rd place are sun and moon

2 Pokemon sword and shield even though i got pokemon sword, my team is some of my favourite pokemon but it's two because my favourite pokemon aren't here but it is coming so thats why it's at number two, also this team is stronger than my kanto reigon team

Number 1!!!!

Generation 3 now when my Dad gave me it a year ago i went straight to the elite four and swept everyone in the elite four exept steven, (his metagross was too much), so Blaziken took care of the rest until Claydol which is when my Metagross came out and I spammed meteor mash. I then used psychic on Armaldo to finish it off and that's why it's my favourite due to being able to get Rayquaza (which was number one in

my top ten) so yeah that's my top ten pokemon games, I hope you enjoy!


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