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Roller Coasters. A ride that has track designed with tight turns, steep slopes, and even inversions. The freedom to make them higher and faster is one reason why millions of people run to amusement parks every year. Roller coasters are a major part of theme parks, and the people who design them keep looking for ways to make coasters taller, faster, and scarier.

Whether you ride them for the thrill or just to say you did it once, the whole point of roller coasters is to experience a close call with danger. They can be found all over the world, and range from light and fun to terrifying and nauseating. The engineers behind these extreme coasters are truly pushing the limits with their outrageous designs, because after all, us adrenalin junkies always want more, right? 10 epic facts 😮

The loops on roller coasters are so well designed that if you (for some ridiculous reason) chose to ride without the safety harness, you wouldn’t fall out! But just because the science checks out, its probably best to stick with the harness, just in case...

America’s first roller coaster moved at 6 mph. It was named the Switchback Railway roller coaster

Another great thing about the Switchback Railway roller coaster: people didn’t ride it straight on, they rode it sideways! Doesn’t seem like the most obvious choice, however, believe it or not, I’m not a 19th-century roller coaster engineer so I can't complain!

When the Big One opened at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the UK, it was the tallest roller coaster in the world, standing at 67 meters high. About One million people ride it every year, and its trains and track are tested every morning before being used. Although it has been beaten by other coasters in height, it’s still the tallest in the UK, even 27 years after its birth.

While stories about accidents are common, coasters are far safer compared to other common activities we complete every day. Obviously there is a random incident here and there, but according to the National Safety Council, there’s a one in 24 million chance of getting seriously injured on an amusement park ride. You have a way better chance of dying from falling out of bed in the morning—a one in 423,548 chance to be precise.

The clicking you hear while traveling up the lift-hill on a roller coaster? It’s actually an incredibly intricate anti-rollback device, a standard safety feature made of tons of toothed metal ratchets on the track that fits into teeth on the bottom of the train. This system guarantees that the train can’t roll backward in case of any mishaps such as a power failure or broken chain. So that clacking is a very, very good sound to hear!

August the 16th is National Roller Coaster Day. To celebrate, people head over to any amusement park, ride a coaster and take a picture using the hashtag: #RollerCoasterDay on social media. Hey, I don’t need an excuse!

Roller coasters have highly complicated braking systems that can stop perfectly at the end of the ride or in an emergency. In order to accomplish such a perfect halt, the brake system is actually built into the track rather that the train itself.

The fastest roller coaster in the world today can be found at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, in the UAE. It’s called the Formula Rossa and it reaches 150 mph in just under five seconds! Riders are encouraged to wear eye protection so they don't injure themselves!

Opened in 2005 as “the tallest and fastest roller coaster on earth” reaching 456 feet and accelerating at speeds of 128 miles per hour in only 3.5 seconds, Kingda Ka was designed to be one of the world's most dangerous roller coasters.

Roller Coaster Games 🎮

There are many roller coaster games on the market including multiple Roller coaster Tycoon games and (My favorite!), Planet Coaster which I will be writing about in another blog. In these games, you have to develop, operate and manage your own dream theme park while keeping the NPC (Non-player character) characters rolling in. You can also add in food and drink places, first aid and decorate the theme park to your hearts contempt! The limits are literately endless considering the tons and tons of additional content available in the DLCs (Downloadable Content) with a spooky, studios and even an adventure pack! (I will go into more detail in the newest post!)

Summary 🙌

So, let's face it roller coasters are great, there's no doubt about it. They may be terrifying on that first lift hill, but every nerve flies away while you cobra-roll your way back to the station. It's a great experience and that's what I think life is all about! Don't be afraid to try something new, because you will regret it more if you never try it in the first place. Thanks for reading my blog. If you think anything could be improved, them please say it in the comments below and make sure to follow me so you never miss out any of my posts ever again! My YouTube: Thanks,

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