Stop MotionšŸŽ¬ and Movie MakingšŸŽ„

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Ever wanted to know how these awesome movies are created? Well this is the page for you! This page will tell you about movies in the making and the different ways they can be made. There is Stop motion (for example the movie Coraline and Wallace and Gromit), CGI (Computer Generated Imagery, such as Star Wars and Avatar) and with drawing (such as Winnie The Pooh and most cartoon movies).

The easiest way to make a movie at home is by using stop motion! Lego is a good thing to use as you can build with it and use the mini-figures to make them look like they're moving! I suggest an app that you can download on your phone called Stop Motion and you can make your own stop motion movie, for free! Cool, right?

I managed to make my own stop motion movie, using this app, of a little Lego man dancing and then falling off a chair! I am currently making a plan, alongside my friend, to film and edit my own movie , so why don't you? You can get creative and make any movie you could think of, any genre, any theme!

You probably have your top ten list of best movies,right? Well i do too, here they are!

1. Spirited Away 2.Aladdin (2019) 3.Whats Eating Gilbert Grape 4. Coraline 5.Five Feet Apart 6.Gemini Man 7. Braveheart 8. Spider-man :Into the spider verse 9.Avatar 10. Just Go With It

As you can tell, these are all VERY different movies! One is a comedy, then another is a romance,then another is an action! You can like a whole selection of movies! Then combine them to make your own!

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