• Ava

The most unusual pets on earth?

What is it? A Matta Matta Turtle

Where does it live? The Matta Matta Turtle lives in South America in mostly swamps, rivers and lakes.

How long will it live? 40 - 75 Years

Are they good pets? No you can not handle them. But their wonderful appearance makes them nice to look at.

If you like the Matta Matta Turtle, a friendlier version that can be kept as a pet is this little creature

What is it? Axolotl

Where does it live? It lives in Mexico and is found in the lake of Xochimilco.

How long will it live? They live up to 15 years.

Are they good pets? Yes they are easy to care for and you only need to feed them, keep their environment clean as they are really just like keeping fish.

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