Lytham Hall (The Interview Crew)

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Lytham Hall

Interview with the Managers

We started with the most important questions first...
Are dogs allowed in the café?-Yes well behaved dogs are welcome in the café but paws on the floor at all times.
Where are dogs not allowed? - Dogs are not allowed in the Georgian Hall /with exceptions for weddings e.g. They made an exception for a dog at a wedding because it was the ring bearer!
How many rooms roughly are in the hall itself? - 18 bedrooms, 12 rooms on the bottom floor, 11 on the middle floor and 12 on the top floor not including the court yard or the back of the hall that is just the Georgian hall itself .
How many people come her on an average year? 118, 000 roughly last year. We expect even more this year.
What happened to the previous family who lived in Lytham hall? The Clifton’s lived in Lytham hall from 1606 to 1963. The last squire loved gambling and he managed to spend the whole family fortune, he had to sell Lytham Hall to the trust fund, he died without marrying or having an heir.
Why do the Clifton’s descendants not own Lytham Hall anymore? There was no one to inherit the hall, so it was owned by the council for a long time.
What events have been most successful this year? Club day is always a success, BBC Antiques Roadshow, The steam fair, Vintage bus day, the outdoor theatre , classic car shows and Walkies for Wards. That’s just a few!
Lytham Hall is a great day out on our doorstep.Well worth a visit!
By Clara and Magda.

A special mention to these two for letting us interview them. Also a big thanks to all of the volunteers who helped us!

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