The Sad House (Mystery Of History)

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Lytham Hall Secrets

By Magdalena Liberda and Clara Redfearn

If you want to visit a place with exquisite food and scenery that will take your breath away look no further - Lytham Hall is the place for you! With 78 acres of woods this is the perfect place for you, your family/friends and your dogs. YES, dogs are allowed too! It isn't only humans who are allowed a “treat” once in a while. Well behaved dogs are allowed without leads, unless in the café. This wonderful place is managed by Peter and Paul, keep reading to find out more about this 17th century Georgian house.

The legend of the Hand and Dagger Crest

One of the most common things you will find in Lytham Hall is the Hand and Dagger Crest. The legend is that Lytham Hall's family went into competition with another wealthy and respected family for a piece of land. How did they do this? Well, they sailed there and the first person to touch that land would claim it. Legend says that Lytham Hall's then squire was falling behind and the challenge was nearly lost. His fortunes changed when he took his dagger and sliced his hand off, throwing it to the shore so he could claim the land first! That is where the Hand and Dagger Crest began.

The Clifton Family

The first squire of Lytham Hall was Sir Cuthbert Clifton and he apparently still haunts the place. The actual structure of Lytham Hall was said to be "planned on the back of a cigarette packet"! It was known to be the earliest building on site. The Clifton family increased the land they owned in the Fylde area but suffered great personal tragedy by losing several sons supporting royalist causes. The Clifton's lands were stolen but then returned 1660. One of the squires of Lytham Hall was an explorer - he even discovered a new species of goat, which are hung proudly among the other stuffed animals around Lytham hall. It was called The Sad House for many years because of its tendency to remain empty and unused.

The Last Squire

The last squire spent everything, allegedly causing shame to his mother who was so frail and old - reportedly living on the top floor sleeping in a cupboard but still living lavishly, inviting friends from across the county. It is told she still haunts Lytham Hall. Once, he was so drunk he got married to a girl he did not even know; spending only a couple years with her he got divorced and died childless. One of the most respected families in Lancashire was at an end, it was definitely the end of an era.

Ghost stories

There are many ghost stories of Lytham Hall, such as the story of the dog barking along the moors and old squires cursing at people or shutting doors. The most famous one was the last squire’s mother being too old and frail to move she spent her days on the couch - often in mornings they found an imprint as if she was sat there. However, it was always flattened in the afternoon. She is also found cursing and shutting doors. Keep an eye out for her when you visit!

A special mention…. Peter and Paul who allowed us to interview them and who make Lytham Hall a wonderful place with their hard work. Thanks to all the workers, the volunteers that work alongside them, helping Lytham Hall to be such an amazing place.

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