The Truth about Year 7

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Ellie, Ava and Lillia

A lot of people believe it's so much easier being in year 7 due to a lesser workload and embedded learning, however not many people realise just how big the step is between year 6 and year 7. Everyone in High School say they know what it was like to be in year 7 but do they really? Do they remember what it was like to be surrounded in corridors full of giants? Do they actually remember what it was like to be slightly terrified of older year groups? To be really overwhelmed by all the commotion? Everyone in Year 11 says it's nothing compared to what they go through, especially with GCSE’s, but it's everything to us.

We asked a few other year 7 students for their take and the following is typical of what we were told. "It was really hard to find my way around the first 2 weeks. I even got stuck in history last week! It’s such a big school but I’m used to it now."

Having a different teacher every lesson is so much better, you get to sit next to new people each lesson and have different types of teachers. Although sometimes it gets tricky when you have to move classes after every single lesson. It's fun to have a new environment every hour and it sometimes makes it easier to learn that subject.

I LOVE high school mornings from 8:30 till 9:00 we almost always get form time. In primary school it’s assembly every day but in high school it’s assembly every fortnight! Form is awesome, normally we would read or watch school-based power points. In my form, on Wednesdays, we do presentations when one person in our form would tell us a bit more about themselves. It’s way better than assemblies, although at LSA the assemblies are interesting and inspiring and they have a point to them.

Year 7 can be tough, but I think its way better than year 6. I don’t know what it’s like in year 11 so it could be harder, I just don’t know what it's like in older years yet. Is year 7 the best year or is it the worst? Lets hand over to Lillia to see what she thinks.

Everyone worries about going into high school and adults have given out the same advice at least a thousand times “It's nothing to worry about, you don’t need to panic”. Maybe that helped, maybe it didn’t, I asked around and found out what the new year 7’s really thought.

I found that most people shared the same worries of lunch being too busy.  Well there is not much I can do about queueing, but I find that calm places like the peace garden and the library are good places to chill out with friends, read a book or meet new people.  Another common worry was moving from class to class which would be such a problem not for the one-way systems, sure its busy at first but after about a week it's not that big of a deal. 

The teachers, well... they take a bit of working out.  Some are strict, some aren’t, but they all give out homework!  But seriously they are great, and the learning opportunities at LSA are endless.  It really is the best school in our area. There are such good people, and everyone is so helpful.

LSA for the win

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