Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The following article is my choice for the top 5 greatest Christmas movies... I hope you enjoy and agree!

My number 5 spot is the The Christmas Chronicles. A story about the night before Christmas in which two siblings have to work with Santa to save Christmas and spread some festive magic. I think this film deserves my number 5 spot for the great cast and excellent special effects. Let’s not forget the amazing Kurt Russel portrayed the best St Nick in the history of Christmas films!

Now to follow up from that, 4th on my list is Tim Allen in the Santa Clause movies. The story of a father who on Christmas Eve accidentally kills Father Christmas, but unfortunately for him has to put on the red suit and becomes the big man himself. Absolutely hilarious - there couldn’t be a movie more deserving film of being on this list. An all-time classic that you must watch.

Now onto the top 3 - at the 3rd spot has to be our old friend Kevin McCallister portrayed by Macaulay Culkin. The story of a young boy who was left home alone at Christmas and has to think creatively to defend his own house. This all-time classic will never get old with the slapstick comedy and creative genius of a famous Christmas classic.

Nearly there, but in a close 2nd is love actually. The story which shows us no matter how old weird or different you are you can always find love. The film features 7 different story's with many unique characters and shows how love is all around us, and can be found in many different and surprising ways.

Finally in 1st on my list is my favorite Christmas film The nightmare before Christmas. The story of a dissatisfied skeleton named Jack searching for purpose, until he decides to take over Christmas with the residents of Halloween town as his little helpers. This film is at the very top for the time it must have taken to think up, animate, and record and it still be well know 25 years later the best of Tim Burton's movies!

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